Holistic Massage

Vitality, Energy flow, Freedom of movement

Holistic Massage Therapy works with the whole person promoting well being, facilitating self healing mechanisms and assisting the overall general health of your body. Through gentle manipulation of the soft tissue increased vitality, energy flow and freedom of movement can be experienced.

Holistic Massage Therapy works in a safe, supportive way to encourage relaxing central nervous system responses. These parasympathetic responses help to reduce the effects of stress, anxiety and tension and encourage deep relaxation in your body and mind. It can help to improve blood circulation, lymph flow and lower the heart rate and blood pressure. It can also reduce muscle soreness, alleviate tension headaches and improve the functioning of your digestive and immune systems.

The Holistic Massage sessions I offer are gentle, nuturing, non-invasive and suitable for assisting a range of people and conditions. They are particularly beneficial for those seeking physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being in a safe, caring, supportive environment.

Please contact me to arrange an appointment in Mt Eden.

Natalie Grace
Reiki Master
Holistic Pulsing Dip.
Craniosacral Therapy Cert.
Relaxation Massage Cert.